Neighbourhood Residential Zone proposed for Mornington Peninsula Shire

July 2018

Image Source: Mornington Peninsula Shire


The Thin Edge of the Green Wedge?

Mornington Peninsula Shire has launched a campaign urging the State Government to “reverse the three storey McMansion planning decision threat to Mornington Peninsula Shire”. Essentially the campaign requests that State Government authorise a Planning Scheme amendment to replace the General Residential Zone with the more restrictive Neighbourhood Residential Zone controls in various areas throughout the Municipality.

On 5 February 2018 Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Planning Services Committee resolved to request the Minister for Planning authorise the preparation and exhibition of Amendment C219 to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme. This amendment seeks to rezone all land in the General Residential Zone Schedule 1 to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedules 2-4. There are select areas within the Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings Major Activity Centres for which the proposed rezoning will not apply.

At the time of preparing this article, Mornington Peninsula Shire was awaiting the Minister’s authorisation to proceed with formal preparation and public exhibition of the amendment.

In essence, it is understood that Amendment C219 will seek to implement the Council’s adopted Housing and Settlement Strategy (2017) and protect the valued character of the Peninsula, arguing this character will be “eroded by the future development of three storey buildings, reduced lot sizes and the incremental loss of trees and vegetation” if land remains in the General Residential Zone.

Key components of the proposed controls are:

  • Introduce the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) and apply the NRZ schedules 2, 3, and 4 to all areas zoned General Residential Zone (GRZ) Schedule 1 except for select areas within the Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings Major Activity Centres;
  • Amend the Local Planning Policy Framework;
  • Remove Schedule 1 of the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) from areas to be rezoned from the GRZ to the NRZ;
  • Remove the Development Plan Overlay (DPO) 6, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 16 from the Planning Scheme, and partially remove DPO15; and
  • Amend Schedules to the DDO.

The Neighbourhood Residential Zone is the most restrictive residential zone applied in Victoria’s established urban areas and includes a mandatory height control of 2 storeys (9 metres above natural ground level). The Council’s proposal seeks to apply the Neighbourhood Residential Zone as a ‘blanket’ control to most of the existing residential areas within the Shire.

There is no doubt that the Mornington Peninsula is a locality valued for its coastal and rural characteristics, but does the Council’s proposal unduly limit reasonable development opportunity for a metropolitan municipality? Does the application of a mandatory three storey height control more broadly achieve the desired effect of protecting the Shire’s valued character?

Stay tuned for further updates on Council’s progress on this matter. For more information or advice on how the Council’s controls may impact land affected by the amendment, please contact Felicity O’Sullivan or your existing SJB Planning contact.

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